Tumbling 1 & Trampoline 60-min class/Tumbling 2-90-min clas

Tumbling 1 - Learn Forward Roll, Backward Roll, Cartwheels, Handstand, moving up to Back handsprings, and more. This class is perfect for those new to gymnastics and for those that want to learn and improve on the basics — great foundation leading to more advanced skills.

Tumbling Level 1


Tumbling 2 - Improve on your tumbling skills. You must have a Standing Back Handspring and a Round-off Back Handspring. Excellent addition to your gymnastics or cheer class. 

Tumbling Level 2


Trampoline - Keep active while learning body awareness and having fun! Learn skills and skill combinations on the Trampolines, Double-Mini, plus some tumbling on the Rod Floor. This class brings extreme fun while including form and technique. This is an excellent class for those interested in our TnT Team.

Recreational Trampoline