120 minute class - Starting this September

Lunch Pal' Friends

(4-6 yrs)  120-minute class

This unique class gives parents some special time while the kiddos enjoy social time. During this class, we make fitness fun through games, obstacles, and challenges. We will work not only in fitness but also on listening skills, taking turns, moving to the next station, colors, and numbers.

Details On The Lunch


Social Skill and Manners

This class is intentionally scheduled around lunchtime, and each child is required to bring in their lunch. We will set the table and eat our lunch together. There will be a small pitcher of water to pass, as well as napkins for our laps. Age-appropriate conversations make it the perfect social time! Once finished, we clean up as a group and wash our hands.  We will continue with playtime until parent pick-up  

— what a fun day for parents and children alike.  

*The requirement for this class; Children must be fully potty trained and self-sufficient in going to the bathroom by themselves. 

Due to nut allergies, please leave peanut butter and nuts at home.